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My immune system isn't the greatest and around this time of the year I'm constantly catching some sort of a cold and spend most of the festive season in bed.
This year I decided to fight all the infections and teamed up with Holland and Barrett to create a winter wellness pack that will have me covered from inside out and won't let no flu get to me. 

 For the inside ...
We have picked out Vitamin D3, Zinc , and Mushroom vitamin D.
I've been trying out the for about two weeks now and I have to admit I really do feel the difference. I'm a feeling less tired and surprisingly only caught one cold this month which is a success. I would love to go into greater detail on how they work but I think you would be better off asking the experts in your nearest Holland&Barrett, they definitely know better than I do! 
I'm also after falling in love with the Manuka Honey & Olive Leaf hot drink.
It's not only yum but also packed with healthy goodness . I was having it instead of my morning coffee and I have to say I felt little bit of a difference, it was definitely a lovely kick start to my mornings. 

 For the outside...
Let's not forget that the cold weather also had a great impact on out skin.
I'm obsessed with having healthy an soft skin so I had to add my favourite skin care products to the WW box! My probably favourite was this little gift set from Burt's Bees. I swear by their lip balms, they'e so lovely and hydrating. The hand cream is amazing as well, one of the best moisturising creams I ever got to try. 
And of course the Dead Sea bath and body set.
It was my first time trying it out but again it was a love at first sight ( or try even). The products have quite a unique scent to them but I loved how good to my skin they were. Both the shower cream and body lotion are so smooth and hydrating and leave the skin feeling fresh and healthy, ready to battle any weather .

 And now onto the most exciting part ! This winter wellness box can be all yours ! All you have to do is tweet #WWPickMe and tag @4ngstyle and @holland_barrett to be in with a chance to win. 
It would make such a perfect gift for your loved ones. 
You've two weeks, good luck ! 

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