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It feels like I haven't had an evening all to myself in a really long time,  ok I did have one few days ago but then I accidentally watched a video of the 18 year old Kylie Jenner showing off her 2,7 million dollars mansion and instead of doing anything productive I went drowning my average-no-mansion-self in Nutella ( and I actually really enjoyed it, thank you )  
I'm just feeling really chatty tonight so I thought I'd chat with you guys like the good old times :) 
As you might already now ( because I've been raving about it all over my social media ) 4ngstyle has won an award for Irish Blog of The Year 2015 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cork 2015! I said it before but I really wanna say it again, thank you ! I'm really grateful to know that you guys out there appreciate whatever it is that I'm doing on this space. It gives me such a buzz and inspiration to create more content and give you all of me. It also kind of reassured me that what I'm doing is not a complete waste of time. When I first started blogging about 5 ( !!!) years ago people didn't  understand the concept of blogging very well. When I first kicked off with my blog it was far far from what it is now, it was a photography blog full of emotional photos of torn apart teddy bears and my friends wearing curtain look alike dresses. Then I got myself a tripod and all the selfies and personal style shots started appearing. And brick by brick about two and a half years ago 4ngstyle as you know it was born. But it was also a time when lots of new blogs appeared on the fashion blogging scene and some of them were and still are just so amazing it really makes you question if what you are doing is even worth the effort as realistically you will never be as good as them . 
And I guess that is the beauty of blogging, some people will be pros and some people will do it for the pure pleasure of writing and the love of blabbing about this new bag they got on sale for a fiver BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM FREAKING HAPPY.
And that is what this award is to me, a reminder that all this is not for accomplishments but joy and all the amazing things and people blogging has brought my way. 
Here a sincere thank you to everyone I ever had a pleasure to work with, 4ng wouldn't be 4ng without your help ! 
Also I feel like it's about time that I reveal what the NG stands for..
But promise not to laugh, I was only 15 coming up with the name ( Originally 4ngsquared2 ) and genuinely thought it was the shit 
4- For     N - Nasty      G- Gals 
For Nasty Gals
So now you know everything 
And to finish off the post because I hate posts with no images in them here's a snap of my attire from the awards night. And massive congratulations to Emer and Vivienne of Lockdown for organising this amazing event and all the other CFW events throughout the years! Cork fashion scene wouldn't be the same without these amazing and so passionate ladies! 

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  1. Congratulations!! Really well deserved, you have some of the best outfit posts...and nice to know where the blog name came from too ;)
    Carol @ Jolly Caucus Race

  2. Congratulations! A jar of Nutella can literally save your life! Siobhan xx

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