Printed jacket x ripped jeans


 It’s my favourite time of the year again and I’m just too excited for all the falling leaves, cosy jackets and hot chocolate sessions with the gals!
It’s also probably the busiest time of the year for me . There’s always so much happening at work coming up to Christmas, college assignments are piling up and somehow all the blogging collaborations and events that you just can’t miss are happening around this time so I’m up the freaking walls ! Really not complaining though, I love being busy especially when working on exciting projects. 
I was looking through my folders there and I have about a billion photos to share with you. Some of them are outfits I shot back in August (!) and have completely forgotten about so there will be couple throwback thursdays coming to this space because I’m dying to put them up them. 
Here’s a look I shot good few weeks ago in collaboration with Irish Fashaholic and Vanilla Fermoy. This printed jacket is just such a beautiful statement piece it will make any outfit. I know it’s a little bit more on the glamorous side but I couldn’t resist dressing it down with a pair of ripped jeans to give it a more casual vibe. 
Make sure you check out my other look from this collaboration here 
Chat soon xx

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