Asymmetric top x Stan Smith


We only shot this look last week but when I'm looking at it now I'm wrapping my sweater bit tighter  around me,  just the thought of going out in only a t-shirt gives me shivers ! 
I'm really not complaining tough, sweater weather is my weather . It gives me a perfect excuse to just sit at home watch my favourite shows and try out new recipes, and I'm actually gone mad for cooking! If you look through my youtube history it's basically all cooking shows. I only try out the easy enough recipes because I don't really fancy setting my kitchen on fire but you know so far so good.

Also I'm back on youtube ! Hopefully I will stay for a little longer this time, the goal is to put up a new video every Tuesday and I'm really going to try to stick to it. Watch my latest video here where I'm obsessing over my wallpaper.
Tonight is actually my first night in forever where I don't have college or work the following morning so i'm just going to enjoy this blissful laziness to the fullest. Chat soon xM 
Ps. What do you think of the new blog header ? I got really bored of the old one and wanted to make the home page a little more sleek.  

Also all the images in this post are courtesy of Kai Bergmann.  I loved working with Kai because I didn't feel like I'm working at all I was having so much fun! I love it when I get to meet people truly passionate about their work, and he's such a pro as well ! 
And big thank you to Beauty Crime Cork for my nails , I'm obsessed. 

( Excuse my shopping bag in some of the shots :/ ) 

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