5 Fall 2015 closet essentials and how to style them


Time for a little bit of fash talk !
I'm constantly on about how much I love autumn and autumn dressing so I thought I'd show you key pieces for the season I will be definitely adding to my closet. Plus lots of inspirations from all over the internet to give you ideas on how to style them. 

The thigh high boots

My favourite trend of all ! The thigh high boots really make the fetch happen, they also keep your legs really warm which is definitely a bonus. Love, love, love them !

The faux -fur stole

Super statement piece that never fails to add a bit of oomph to any outfit. I personally love the colourful ones, I can totally see myself rocking a massive pink faux fur stole with a nicely tailored coat. Streets of Cork won't know what hit them. 

The bomber coat 

A mix between a parka, barbour coat and a bomber jacket. Warm and puffy without being too big and bulky. Super easy to style as it really does all the styling for you. 

The micro bag

Might be micro but surely makes a statement. You can layer a few of them for a more high end look, I would also recommend wearing a few as fitting everything into one might be bit of a challenge.

The palazzo trousers 

The wider the better. Best thing about the palazzo trousers is that if correctly matched they can slim down your figure and make you look good few inches taller. Yay !

*All images sourced from Tumblr or Pinterest. I do not own any rights to the above. 

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