Transitional monochromes


How is this last blogpost of the summer ? No seriously where did my holidays go ? 
Going back to college means that my already irregular blogging will get even more irregular and my
free time will be yet again reduced to only a few hours a week.   ' N'able '  But what can we do, maybe this year I will finally get on top of things and manage to plan my time more efficiently ( definitely won't happen but here's to wishful thinking )
I'll just try to think of the bright sides that is the college social life which I missed too much! 

Today's outfit is another one of those transitional outfits where I can't let go of the warm weather so wearing  leather mini skirt and strappy sandals but slowly realising that I might freeze in such attire so throwing a warm sweater and thick jacket on top. 
Pictured  by my favourite Bríd O' Donovan Photography ! x 

Ps. Don't forget you can still win outfit from my previous post !  More details here 

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