Khaki duster and leather pants


My immune system or rather a lack of it is starting to worry me slightly. Caching cold every odd week can't be normal ! This week's one got me good and I swear I haven't felt this ill in a really long time. Bless lemsip and endless amounts of paracetamol for pulling me together.
I'm really excited for today's post I have shot in collaboration with Vanilla boutique Fermoy and Irish Fashaholic. I love how the pictures turned out, I'm also in love with the outfit, I was very slow to
swap my beloved boyfriend jeans for a different style of trousers but I'm so glad that I did. I'm absolutely obsessed with these leather -like pants now. We were actually shooting this look in pouring rain so something long sleeved was a must, plus the thick scarf on top to keep me dry and warm. ( now that I think of it it could've been the shooting in the rain that gave me the cold ...)

And now onto the news which I'm really excited about. My blog has been nominated to a blog of the year award at Mercedes Benz Cork fashion week and I myself have been nominated to Most stylish blogger award at the Hi magazine Tia Maria style awards! I already said it on Instagram and Facebook but just wanted to thank you again for all the support ! I feel really happy and grateful that you guys out there appreciate what I'm doing . I love you and thank you

And since we're on the topic of exciting things, I'm heading over to London tomorrow for my very first London Fashion Week ! I'll be a little late to the party only going over for the last 3 days but I'm still over the moon to just be there and experience the whole fashion mayhem.
Stay in tune for my LFW diaries and make sure you're following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for live updates xx M

All pieces available at Vanilla Boutique Fermoy

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  1. Great outfit, it looks so cozy! Congratulations!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. I love this! Those short boots are the best. Fall is definitely the best time for fashion, I think!


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