Prague Photo Diary


What is it with Hotel WiFi-s that they never work ?! The struggle of trying to get the tiniest bit of connection is too real,although I'm partially appreciating how I'm cut off the internet and getting to enjoy my holidays to the fullest. If you follow me on instagram you already know that I got to spend couple of days in the  beautiful Prague. The city itself is absolutely stunning but I was tiny bit disappointed with all the tourist attractions as most of the were very poorly organised and a little boring ( or that could be just me being fussy ) I still loved it there though! 
Now I'm even a happier to be back in Poland to spend some time with my family and friends. 
As I'm writing this I'm on the bus from Lodz to Cracow and oh boy to say I'm in a bad shape would be an uderstatement. Last night we payed a visit to a couple of our favoruite pubs one of which had only shots and gherkins on the menu. 
I'll put up more photos as soon as I recover ;) 

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