Denim pencil skirt and oversized shirt


Hi everyone ! Hope you’re all well and having a great bank holiday. Mine isn’t so great, primarily because of the wether which is absolutely miserable to a stage where I can’t even leave my house without my snow jacket on. Also I’m one of those unlucky folks that get sick over anything and I’m after catching a really bad cold and losing my voice completely.
The struggle of trying to talk,  almost mime everything to my customers is too real. 

Todays post was shot about a week ago when I still had my long hair. Now that I chopped it all of I’m crying over how pretty it was but at the same time I’m delighted I got rid of all of it. The amount of conditioner I was going through every week to keep my ends fairly healthy was insane. 

And look at me wearing something bodycon ! I’m so happy Johanna was there to picture this moment as it probably won’t happen again any time soon. Pencil skirts are so unforgiving especially when you’ve got a bit of curves, I think I’ll just stick to my other favourite kind of denim i.e. pants or if I really have to go for a skirt something more a line. I matched this jeans pencil skirt with a cropped oversized shirt to create a casual efortless look which was ideal for our Sunday cocktail date. Also a massive shoutout to Johanna for saving me from my major shoes malfunction and borrowing me her heels, going barefoot into a bar wouldn’t have been fun ! What are blogger friends and their pretty shoes for xx 

Ph: Johanna Kiely x 

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