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I haven't posted my Wednesday wishlist in the longest time ever, but because it was payday yesterday I feel like it's more than necessary to show you what I'm about to spend all my money on. I will be broke for another 3 weeks but so so happy . 
I am after becoming a smarter shopper so this time I'm planning on investing in key fashion pieces for summer 2015 that will also nicely transition into autumn/winter. Enjoy , Love M x 

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The white edit
White is the new black so layering white on white is something I am really getting into lately. 
You can never go wrong with a new white t-shirt or new gorgeous dainty jewellery. Add a pair of simple barely there white sandals and a statement bag to the combination and that's your outfit ( or multiple outfits) sorted! 

The casual
You can never go wrong with a pair of boyfriend jeans and yes I do really need another pair, the more the merrier you know. I'm planning on pairing them with this amazing sad face t-shirt from Marc Jacobs which I am absolutely obsessed with at the moment. Then a pair of gorgeous lace up flats, I know everyone has a pair at this stage but they're so pretty I can't resist. A nice bomber jacket on top plus a structured backpack and that's my casual look sorted. 

The going out
I have this unwritten rule that I only wear black on a night out. Not that I even plan it, I barely own any black clothes yet when going out I somehow always end up wearing black head to toe. To be honest I don't even care about the outfit as much as I do about the accessories. I always chose a clutch that will close tightly and hold my IDs and money and carefully select a pair of comfortable shoes that will get me through the night. With the outfit like I said I'm becoming very practical so I just chose a simple number that works for every season and day as well as night outings. But then comes in the issue of my silly refusing to wear the same dress twice... maybe I will get over it some day. 

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