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Isn't it crazy how fast the time goes ? I had this post scheduled for last week and got so caught up in work and other completely random things I couldn't get myself to even turn on my laptop. I really do
need to invest in a planner of some sort , or wait until my birthday in August and the planner my friend Hazel promised to get me after seeing my poor attempt at trying to organise my place and million other things simultaneously. 
But here it is, probably my favourite look I shot with Ryanse in collaboration with River Island ! Funny to think I used to hate stripes and look at me wearing stripes on stripes. Yet again pretty people on Instagram got me falling in love with a new yet old trend and turning it into an obsession.
I'm after slimming down my wardrobe quite a lot so all I've been wearing lately is black and white and denim. I won't lie I was quite excited to add a pop of colour to what would be my usual outfit with this sleeveless pale blue blazer but especially this super cute fluffy bag !
And that's how my favourite summer look came to life. 
I'm in bit of a mad rush right now trying to get ready for work and all my inspiration for writing seems to be gone out the door so I'll just leave you with some snaps x talk soon M 

Ph: Ryanse Elle 

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  1. It´s true I always fail to schedule all I want to do so I need to plan better to. Sbout the outfit, I really love black and white combination and that blue blazer added the whole outfit something extra.


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