20 random facts about me


Today is officially my first proper day of summer! Now that I should have a little more time to myself I'm super excited to go back to more regular blogging. I thought I would start with a little get to know post and 20 completely random facts about me. Enjoy x

1. I have this ridiculous love for bread. I love anything bread or bread related. You can imagine my struggle when trying to go off carbs even for a day :'( 
2. Margaret isn't my actual name but I'm so used to it I sometimes forget my real name.
3. I'm a diva when it comes to food. I refuse to eat in a restaurant that has ugly plates and doesn't serve food in a nice presentable way.
4. I have probably the weirdest taste in music. I go from a phase to a phase, right now I'm all about Arctic Monkeys and The Weeknd but  some days I'm all into Led Zeppelin then switching to Disclosure so on so forth.
5. I'm a massive coffee addict. I'm getting to a stage when 4/5 coffees a day is a norm. I sometimes even have coffee before I go to sleep.

6. I'm a marketing student and I have no idea why I've chosen this particular course. Guess it was a spur of the moment and pressure to just go to college and do something with myself. All my life I have seen myself studying something much more artistic, not complaining though, after all marketing is art in a way. 
7. I don't think I could go a day without my phone , just the thought of forgetting it at home terrifies me !
Phone case from www.zazzle.co.uk

8. I have the memory of a gold fish. I'm forever finding myself doing something and forgetting why I'm doing it. 
9. BUT I have a scarily good memory for people's faces. Once I've seen someone I will always recognise their face, even after I forget where and how I met the person .
10. I ALWAYS wear flats on a night out. I'm the kind of girl that dances all night long, I couldn't deal with sore feet and sitting down in the corner watching other people dance.
11. I'm a hopeless romantic and genuinely believe there's a soulmate out there for everyone.
12. LOVE love love British movies with Hugh Grant or Colin Firth. Aren't they all just amazing ?
13. Love British accents too! Maybe a little too much.
14. After I finish college I wanna move to Thailand/ Bali/ Lagos for a year.
15. I can't deal with horror movies. I get too paranoid after watching them so I'm avoiding them at all costs.
16. My favourite flowers are peonies.

17. So far I've been to London, Paris, Lisbon, Faro, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Bangkok, Phuket, countless places in Poland and Ireland, Lanzarote, Odessa, Amsterdam, Tunisia, and some small city in Russia. On my 'to visit' list still I've got like 100 more places with Barcelona and Bali being the top two.

18. Speaking of lists, I always make lists but I can never stick to them.
19. I have a one small tattoo and getting two more this summer .
20. Nothing makes me happier than chocolate ice cream and pizza.

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  1. You are truly a diva and sizzles in the attire showcased in the pics. Glad to know more about you, u such a cool and fun person:)


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