That 70s


70s inspired look I shot with the amazing Ryanse last Thursday. I sometimes feel like my style is getting really boring but what can you expect when you just wear
your work uniform 3 days a week and then causal college 'pyjamas' really for the remaining 4 days.
These River Island pants were just such a breath of fresh air into my wardrobe, I just can't get over the beauty of them. They're so so 70s and I love it ! 
Only downside of this newly discovered 70s love of mine is my height. I'm not exactly the tallest so long bottoms are bit of a no go for me so bless River Island for also having these unreal platforms that gave me like extra 8 inches and a chance to pull off this look. 
I paired the statement bottoms with a rather calm top - cream with metallic threads knitted top and this stunning brown leather look jacket. As long as I love eclectic style I didn't want to overdo this look and just praise the print of the pants. 
 Can't wait for my vacations soon so I can sport looks like this one all day every day ! Imagine wearing it ( without the jacket ) to a party in Ibiza ? I'd say it would be a killer ! :) 


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  1. Great selection!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava


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