Redecorate your bedroom with Primark for less than €50 ! Summer edit.


First of all apologies for my quite a longish break. I was enjoying my Easter break to the fullest and then it hit me I've sh** loads of college work to catch up on and I spend last couple of days trying to get on top of it. 
Now ! Welcome to new 4ngstyle ! I finally made some changes to the layout to make it easier to
navigate around the website. Still working on some bits and pieces but I really hope you like it :) It was such a spontaneous decision to change it up. I just finished my accounting exam like an hour ago, went to Penneys on Patrick street and was like ' oh my god why is everything here so pretty' and just casually decided to revamp my bedrom and blog and planning on revamping my wardrobe after I'm done with this.
But back to the bedroom talk.
All this Coachella hype got me dreaming of summer and chilling some place warm . Since I can't go on holidays I had to bring them to me.
My bedroom space is fairly small ( I didn't take the space problem into consideration when signing the lease for my very first place, lesson  for the future learned ) so I couldn't really do much so decided to go for statement accessories that will bring that pop of colour to my place without making it really cluttered. 
The whole revamp took me less than 15 minutes and less than €50 and brought so much joy :) 
Might not be everyone's cup of tea but I surely love it. 

Shopping list :
Duvet covers €22
Flamingo & Sun Pillows €6 each
Large candle €3
Small candle €2
Fairy lights €4
Believe in your #selfie picture €3
Little flamingo pillow €5

Talk soon guys x
Ps. for some very odd reason the photos get really pixelated when I upload them onto anything. I'll try to fix it asap.


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  1. great ideas for minimal cost.


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