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Here it is , first post of 2015 ! 
My only resolution for this year is to be happy and because this space makes me really really happy from now on I'm really gonna work on it. I know I've said it 1000 times but this time I really want to put my full heart and effort into something! 
If there's anything you guys would like to see on this space ( videos, more beauty posts etc ) do tell, I'm not exactly the most creative or innovative person and I sometimes do need hints :) 
What else is on my 2015 to do list ? 
Definitely trying to save up some money and go visit few places I've never been to. Read all the amazing books I have at home. Get in shape other than a circle. But mostly just spend more time with people I love.
And be super freaking happy. 

 | Marks and Spencer Suit | Penneys / Primark Cami ; Boots | Boohoo Bag | 

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  1. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this look! <3 Definitely one of my most favourite I've shot! //


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