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I'm probably after having the craziest busiest but greatest week of 2014. First things first I had the pleasure to Join The Body Shop for the launch of their new christmas collection and check out their main range too. The apple range smelled so delicous I wanted to eat it ! I'm a sucker for cute packaging and fruity scents so you can imagine I was in heaven browsing and making a wishlist of all the cute things I want. 
Then we crashed Cork with MTV and Boohoo ! Gig in the City Hall was amazing, I'm gutted I didn't make it on time to see Gorgon City but I still got to see Jessie Ware and melt to the sounds of her heavenly voice. Thank you boohoo for the passes, I had an absolute blast !  My phone of course had to die not even 20 minutes into the gig so the 3 snaps I took are the only ones I have ;/ That also pushed me to finally change my old barely functioning phone to something new ie. Iphone 5s. The difference is unreal, I finally can take proper pictures and work on my phone without having mental breakdowns that it's gonna crash again and loose all the data I just saved. 
London ...
And the highlight of my week had to be the trip to London with Primark to have a peek at their new Spring collection! I have't been to London in so long I almost forgot how much I love it there. I was like a little tourist running around the city since 6am taking selfies with everything ( as you do). The night before I had an amazing dinner with the amazing Primark ladies Gillian and Katie and my two biggest Irish fashion inpirations Nuala of Penny and Polaroids and stylist Corrina Gaffey. It was so lovely to catch up with the ladies and also get some priceless words of wisdom from them + dig into the most delicious steak ever at Hawksmoor.
The Hotel ...
Not to mention the amazing hotel I got to stay at. Hotel Cafe Royal had to be one of most astonishing hotels I've ever been to. Perfectly located less than 10 seconds walk from Piccadilly circus had everything you could possibly need right on its doorstep. The staff was so kind and welcoming I felt like I've been here before , they made the place feel so homely. After checking in at the reception I was brought up to my room which again was so stunning I couldn't get over it. The modern design of a little hall and a truly truly beautiful bedroom with a view on Regent street was quite literally all my hotel dreams coming true. It's also the little touches that always get me so when I found This Works deep pillow spray on my pillow I really was the happiest, I hate planes and this was really just what I needed to help me relax and have a restful sleep.
Unfortunately because of my very very tight schedule I barely got to use any facilities which I am really upset about because the pool did look amazing! I still got to roam around the beautiful building in which the hotel was situated and admire its beauty, grab a drinks in the bar and of course have my favourite English breakfast in the downstairs restaurant. I am normally very fussy with how I have my breakfast so a big thank you to the staff for their patience when I was describing my perfectly fried egg.

The preview ...
It was my first time ever going to a Primark press preview so I didn't quite know what to expect. When we got to the place I was literally blown away by the venue, the collection, every flawless detail of the event. I could go on for ages on how much I admire the new collection, especially the shoes, but I will let pictures do the talking. My gal Dominka Wojciechowska of Fashion Philosophy and I also had the pleasure to be one of the first to pull out some pieces from the collection and shoot, how exciting ! Photos coming soon so watch this space xox 

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