One night in Lusty Beg



If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen me posting some snaps of the most heavenly island paradise - Lusty Beg Island resort ! 
Thanks to the great team at Rachel Dalton communications I had a pleasure to overnight in one of the Ireland's most beautiful locations. 
The island was absolutely breathtaking. I've never been to a place like this before, a resort on a little island entirely separated from the land felt like something out a fairytale. 
The staff at Lusty Beg was the sweetest most welcoming people I ever met, after checking in we were brought to our gorgeous new home for the night. What I loved about the place the most was that instead of one big building that would probably ruin the views completely all the rooms where situated in small but oh so gorgeous houses around the island. For the first time I actually had nowhere to rush to and could just enjoy my time off to the fullest. I got to take part in most activities the resort had to offer. Spa treatment  with the natural VOYA cosmetics was probably my favourite. I have never felt to relaxed and calm as I did after my facial massage. The voya cosmetics that have been used for the massage  left it so smooth and refreshed and I couldn't believe how healthy and radiant it looked even a week after the massage.
We really loved the blissful laziness of just sitting by the lake and breathing in fresh air but we  motivated ourselves enough to try out other activities the resort had to offer like archery or a trip around the island on a speedboat! 
At the end of a full of activities day all we were invited to a lovely dinner with the owners of the Lusty Beg. I don't think words can describe how AMAZING the food served was.Every single dish tasted absolutely heavenly. I am not the biggest fan of steak but the one I tried in LB completely changed my outlook on this dish, It had to be one of the most delicious meals I have ever tasted.
I really appreciated how the owners found the time to talk to us all tell us a little bit more about the resort. They seems so genuinely passionate about it, they made me see the place through their eyes and I absolutely loved that. 
I am only very upset that I lost my SD card with all the images, quite literally cried when I got home and realised it's missing. I only have the images below because we took them on the other card.
I unfortunately won't be able to show my ' My lusty beg' but make sure you visit their website for more information and images of that heavenly place. 

| Ph D. Fogarty |
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  1. Absolutely LOVE the co-ord!! Wishing I lived closer to a Penneys store!!

  2. This is gorgeous
    S xx


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