Autumn makeup routine


In Autumn I turn into a really lazy comfort seeking creature who just wants to spend it's whole days in warm bed. As far as I do put a little bit of effort into my outfits I'm just too lazy to care about makeup and I'm keeping it to the essential minimum.

Here are some products I use daily to create my everyday fall look. 

1. Garnier BB is my absolute holy grail product. I couldn't go a day without it as it both moisturises and covers all the blemishes leaving my skin glowing and healthy looking. I sometimes put on a second coat for more coverage or go over my problem areas with Max Factor foundation. You can tell my the poor squeezed tube how much I adore this product.
2. Laura Mercier duo is a set of a concealer and a bronzer I use daily to conceal all the redness and eyebags and to sculpt certain parts of my face with that little bit of bronzer. I find this product very hard to use with a brush so I'm usually applying it with my fingers for it to warm up and then go over it with a brush. 
3. Inglot blush - although it's a blush I normally use it as a contouring powder. Surprisingly this weird redish tone looks much much better on my skin than all the bronzing powders. I swiftly apply it to my face in the '3' motion and blend in. 
4. Anastasia Brows is another product I couldn't live without. I find it that HD brows really really don't suit me but I still like my eyebrows to look thick and defined and this product certainly gives me that. With just few strokes it fill in and sets the brows in a nice but also very natural shape. 
5. Benefit Posie tint is my absolutely favourite blush ever. It gently stains the apples of your cheeks with a natural looking blush that stays in for the entire day. 
6. Eyeko mascara and liner are a perfect duo for my fairly thin eyelashes. I work the eyeliner into the lashline to make it look fuller and let this amazing mascara do the magic with my eyelashes.
7. CK cream eyeshadow in snake skin is a great cream shadow I use as a base before applying the Estée Lauder palette which although gorgeous needs a good base to stay on your eyelid. Because of the very sheer shine to the cream eyeshadow I also like to use it as a highlighter on my brow bone.
8. And lastly with a small brush I just apply bit of the Kate Moss for Rimmell lipstick in dark purple and go over it with a bit of lipgloss to add the shine and keep my lips moisturised. 

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