How to style maxi coats


Whether you love them are not maxi coats are here and they're here to stay!
I personally love them and loved them since I was little as they reminded me of old Hollywood stars from black and white movies and their on  screen outfits.  And you can't tell me that you never dressed up in your moms maxi coat and pearls when you were little!
Here are some more modern inspirations of how to wear maxi coats. The sport luxe is of course my favourite as it's practical and very me but the more sophisticated looks also speak to me. 
I'm on a search for either a camel or a baby blue ( like this Maje one ) coat but bit more affordable so if you have any suggestions as to where get one that would be fab ! Expect some ' How I style' posts as soon as I get one in meanwhile you can get inspiration from bit shorter coat I wore in my last post.   Mx 

 All photos : Tumblr 

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  1. Love maxi coats they're so flattering and stylish
    S xx

  2. I found the perfect camel coat in River Island last month but it sold out before I decided to buy it! The first photo makes me want a grey coat! x


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