How to afford Louboutin/ Chanel / Holidays


I think every one of us ladies at least once in her life dreamed of having one of these beautiful pairs of Louboutins or a quilted Chanel bag. 
I'm all about making my dreams come true now so I'm starting a 'saving for Chanel' plan ! 
The best part is that this plan is going to make me healthier, prettier ( hopefully)  and will get me a Chanel too ! Hope it will inspire you too! 
Where to get the money for the Chanel/ Louboutin/ LV you ask ? Here is the answer! 

1. Goodbye busses.
 Instead of taking the bus to college/ work every morning start walking or cycling! 
This way you will not only avoid paying ridiculous money for the always late buses but you will also get healthier and get nice toned legs too! 
I brought this plan to life and started cycling everywhere 2 weeks ago lost 1 pound and saved €52! 


2. Goodbye takeaways. 
I must admit I have a slight addiction to takeaway coffee and sushi.  But don't we all just love our Sturbucks in the morning and munchies in the evening ? 
By making the coffee yourself and putting it into your favourite coffee mug and teaching yourself to make sushi at home you can save up to €80 in only two weeks time. 
Coffee € 3.50 x 10 = €35 
Bento boxes €12 x 4 = €48 

3. Goodbye alcohol.
Yes I did say goodbye alcohol... Okay maybe not all the alcohols. Wine with your girls on a Friday night is okay but a crazy night out and getting shitfaced is a no! Those Louboutins are worth it, I promise! 
Nightclub tickets 2 x €10 = €20
Drinks in a pub 2 x €45 = €90 

4. Goodbye unnecessary expenses.
Do you really need that YET ANOTHER red lipstick... You have 7 similar ones at home. 
That sale dress is so last season, you like it alright but are you REALLY going to wear a tulle floral dress in winter? Hardly. 
And this way in two weeks time you can save up to €60.
Lipstick €18
Dress €40 

And thats 303 in two weeks ! and - approx 2 pounds . 

I know that not all of us actually spend that much money in two weeks, I certainly don't, so it might take us a longer while to save up 445 euro for Louboutin Pigalle or whooping 3 000 euro ( or more ) for a Chanel. But what you save is always gonna be yours, you can spoil yourself to a trip to spa or holidays with that money! 

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  1. Brilliant. I often overspend on all of these. You should teach economics;)

  2. Haha love this!
    S xx

  3. I love this post! I need to stop myself in Charity/thrift shops on my way home and ask will I really wear it or am I buying because its cheap. Biking is the way forward lady :) x


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