The new shoe trends ; Mules & Birkenstocks


Less that a month ago I would have been swearing to never go near birkenstocks or mules . I'm very open minded when it comes to shoes, I love shoes in every shape or form but the look of these was a big no no!
Mules remind me of something that models in tacky bikini commercials in the 90s would wear  and birkenstocks are something my fat uncle used to wear to boring family barbeques. 
About two weeks ago my instagram timeline started being flooded with photos of mules and birkenstocks and you know what, I was liking those photos and totally digging how these ugly things were styled!
I'm guessing it's the simplicity and my love for aesthetic things that is attracting me to them so much.
Or it could be the way my favourite bloggers and fashion icons styled them that makes me wanna get a pair  myself  . 
After all I accepted the look of Nike with a classy coat I should accept mules and birkenstocks too!

And you guys, what do you think of these quite controversial shoes ?

All images : Tumblr 
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  1. I love all the shoes you've shown!
    I did a post about shoes the other day...

  2. Snap! I've always thought they were a big no-no too - but then I keep seeing photos of them styled really well...

  3. I have been obsessing over Birkenstock lately!
    I didn't think I'd fall for them, but I was wrong!
    Great Post :) xx



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