Tigers and triggers


I finally got my internet back ! I have never been this happy to be able to turn on the laptop and connect ! 
Those 3 weeks without connection were tough I'm telling you.

All photos in today's post are courtesy of  Erika of Retro Flame. 
It was so good to catch up with this lovely lady! 
She gave me a lot of great blogging and 'what to do in college' tips which I'm so grateful for, applying for colleges and deciding what you want to do in life is a nightmare. I don't know how people do it... I was planning to  study marketing but I'm not sure anymore if that's someting I really want.
 I started working on my styling portfolio  recently and I'm loving it.  I know that now you're thinking I'm another fashion blogger that is like ' I wanna be a stylist, sit in the front rows and get paid for looking pretty ' I swear I'm not ! I can see myself being a stylist, but a genuine stylist not a show girl,  working backstage at shows, choosing outfits for shows and shoots, advising people on what to wear, work in the dirty, tiring and totally not glamorous part of the industry. Yes that is what I want. How does one get there though ? Please guys send advices because google doesn't seem to know the answer. 
Now back to the outfit. 
I feel like this outfit has a strong cow-girl vibe to it, maybe it's the hat or cowboy shoes, hard to say. 
Comfort is the key in this look  hence the casually fitted pants, flat shoes and a tiger tee.
Title of this post pretty much sums it up : tiger for the t-shirt, and trigger for cowboy vibe beacuse cowboys always carry guns with them ( see what I did there) there's also an alliteration in the title, my english teacher would be proud! 

I also took photos for Erika's blog, make sure you check our her page and amazing style. x  


 | Ph : Erika Fox | Edit: Me | 

| Wearing |
| Vintage store in Paris  Hat ; Pants | Penneys Boots | Shop in Thailand Top | Boohoo Bag | 

| Location : Crane Lane, Cork | 

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