Paris Galleries Lafayette and Passage Verdeau


Apologies for the shocking lack of blog posts guys! I have no WiFi at home and probably wont have it back until next week :( I can't blog, instagram, do ANYTHING really. I'm latching onto every single open WiFi connection I find and if I can't find any I cry , withdrawal syphtoms haha.
Here's an outfit I wore on my third day in Paris. We shot outside galleries Lafayette (floral background ) and in the beautiful passage Verdeau which was the essence of Paris I thought ! Here is a tiny little cafe there where we had our afternoon espresso and then went browsing for books in the nearby librairie. There is a wax museum in the passage too! We didn't gt to go inside because we were in a bit of a rush that day, I regret not going in so much now, it looks like something of a postcard or a romantic movie an visiting all the show there is truly an amazing experience.
Galleries Lafayette is another must-see place when you're in Paris. This architecture of the gallery is outstand , the minute details of the balconies an ceiling are breathtaking. Lafayette is full of mainly designer boutiques such as Chanel, Prada, Saint Laurent, Celine etc but it also offers Zara and topshop for the normal (less fortunate ?) visitors ( like me ).
When you're tired of packed with people gallery make sure to go up to the very top floor of the gallery where there's a beautiful big roof garden with an incredible view of the city.
Talk soon M xox

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  1. Gorgeous Photos girl!

    Michaela X

  2. You're gorgeous! I absolutely love the coat, been looking for one everywhere! Would appreciate it if you take a look at my blog :)


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