4ng in Paris pt 1


Bonjour mes amies :*
Look who's back !
Paris in one word ? AMAZING ! 
Although I have to say it wasn't as spectacular as everyone says but I do have to admit it is truly a magnificent city.
I thought a week will be enough for us to visit all the popular places but it wasn't, we barely got to see half of the things we wanted. It gives me an excuse to go back there some time soon!
Those 7 days there felt a bit surreal, I swear everything in Paris looks like something off a fairytale. Everything is so cute, charming and romantic of course, especially after valentines when all the lovers are still in the city spreading the romance :') 
I was absolutely amazed by the Parisian streetsyle , it was even more impressive than it is over on the French streetstyle blogs I follow. People there have this amazing ability to look good in anything ! 
I could go on and on about all the things I've seen and did there but I'd bore you guys to death and since picture speaks thoudsand words here are  some random snaps from day one and day two. Outfit post is in the making stay in tune xox 

Our padlock has now its proud place on pont des arts :)

And some insta snaps : @4ng2margaret 

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  1. I love your photos - they have a vintage feel to them or something. This makes me miss Paris so much! It's not perfect but it's a very special place. It even looks beautiful in winter!

    Also, where is your pink coat from? xx

  2. I love your photo style, they are so cute! Ive been to paris and its great!



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