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  Hi guys
I was super excited to shoot a new outfit posts today and finally have something to blog about but oh my good god the weather outside is absolutely awful!
There was literally a small tornadoe going through my estate about an hour, I'm scared to stick my toe outside the door because it will propably get blown away.
I barely have time to blog lately because of my freaking christmas exams, I just can't wait for them to be over so that I can chill and get into the christmas spirit ! 
I promise you to make my next post good to make up for this super long break :*
For now I'm leaving you with few photos from my instagram, make sure to follow me @4ng2margaret if you haven't already.
I also joined snapchat, make sure to add me :  QueenMar95 if you want to see my embarassing selfies and other weird snaps :)

Outtake from a blopost ( which unfortunatelly won't be published as I look awful in it )

FOTN Selfie

DIY inspiration

Another selfie :)

Chef Margaret making brown Tagliatelle with spinach, feta and tune for dinner 

Backstage at a photoshoot for Stellar Magazine

Trying on some gorgeous dresses in Zara

Just landed on my desk : January Vogue with goddess Cara on the cover

At the shoot for Stellar I got to finally meet my great style inspiration Tar Mar ! <3 br="">

My favourite spot in Dublin, Starbucks in BT2

The XX on replay

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