Cork launch of Zaconey at Secret Garden


Last Tuesday I had a great pleasure of attending exclusive Cork launch of Zaconey at the Secret Garden.
Zaconey is a brand new retro spirit with a Bourbon twist, the evening was very retro too inspired by the sights and sounds of 1950's America and entertainment from Boudoir Boys.
I haven't been to such a good party in a really long time ! I adored the music, the absolutely gorgeous Zaconey girls, 50's America vibe, mini burgers and Zaconey of course!
I got to try Zaconey with coke and lemon, Zaconey with ice-creams and my absolutely favourite Zaconey with fresh strawberries and raspberries, yumm ! My mouth waters just at the tought of it, I am definitely going to serve it at my house parties and treat myself to it on my nights out ( and I'm not saying that to promote them, I genuinely LOVED it )
If you haven't tried Zaconey yet you're missing out my lovelies! 
And if you did what did you tought of it ? Hope you liked it as much as I did.
+ Huge thanks to D. Fogarty for taking photos on the night x 

My handsome retro gentleman

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  1. cute, looks like a great night :)

  2. Lovely photos, the guy with the beard's cute lol


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