Birthday suit - Happy Birthday to my blog !


 My baby blog is 3 years old today n'aww ! I still remember shooting and writing my very first blogpost 3 years ago, ah good times. I sometimes wish I could turn back time and be 15 again, I really miss not being worried about LC exams, college, getting a job ...I better stop now before I make us all depressed :)
So Big Big happy birthday to my blog. Thank you guys for being such an amazing audience and for all the support throughout all these years, you are the best ! 

I'm celebrating 4ng's birthday in style so I went for black playsuit... and everything black really, not exactly cheerful and b-day suitable but very me like. 

Love you guys xox

| ph D. Fogarty |

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  1. Gorgeous photos, the jumpsuit is lovely on you
    And Happy Birthday 4ng! :)
    Lucy X

  2. Happy birthday to your blog! I really love your outfit, the playsuit is amazing... :)

  3. gorgeous look, gorgeous hair, gorgeous lipstick... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

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