Pop art comic girl halloween makeup tutorial


 A quick pop art Roy Lichtenstein works inspired Halloween makeup tutorial, enjoy ! 

I started off with applying a very think foundation I got online from a brand that specialises in artistic theatre makeup. It's so thick I had to use my hands to put it on because brushes would not work ! But i really wanted a flawless base for this look and I must say this foundation worked magic. There was no need for powder so I only bronzed and contoured my face a little bit. 

Using an eyeliner I outlined my face, ears, nose, cheekbones , eyes, eyebrows, lips and neck to give my features more 3 dimensional 'comic' feel.

I then applied blue eyeshadow on the lids, highlighted the bottom eyelid with white kohl liner and filled in the tear with 2 (one darker one brighter) blue eyeshadows. 
Lips were probably the most tricky part of this makeup, I first applied red lipstick but it looked very plain so i smudges bit of black eyeshadow on the outsides and drew thin black lines insidefollowing the natural creases of my lips to again give this look more dimension. 
I applied a lot of bright pink blush on my cheeks and drew tiny little white dots all over the face to make myself look even more like a comic girl. And that's the finished look, easy peasy ain't it ?

Who are you going as for halloween ? I still can't decide and I've only 3 days left !! Should I go as a pop art girl ?

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