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In one of my latest post I mentioned that I used to wear size 16 and that I'm size 10/12 now. I didn't expect that one little sentence to cause such a big hype, I got a good few emails with people asking me how I did it and how long did it take me. All this inspired me to write a blogpost on my weightloss story. I hate personal blogposts but if this is going to help someone avoid my mistakes then that will make me really happy.  

I was never a thin person, I was a chubby kid and chubby (or let's face it ... FAT ) teenager. 
When I was 14 I got to the stage where I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, I hated my body and how nothing looked good on me, that was also the time when I started realising how dangerous overweight is for my health. When I finally decided to make a change and loose some weight my parents decided to divorce ... The hate I had for my body and the stress about my parents' divorce pushed me to some super stupid ways of loosing weight like eating a looooot of food and then throwing up or trying out dangerous diets . All this was not only not working but making me seriously depressed, +  all the 'super diets' made my skin look awful. I was only 14 back then so I can't really blame myself for all the stupid decisions, after all I was only a kid who knew nothing about healthy lifestyle. It was only when I turned 15 that I got interested in health and loosing weight the healthy way , I went on a proper diet not some silly starvation plan, started jogging and going to the gym. That's how I lost my first 12kgs . 
I was happy with myself for another year or so ... Until I got lazy and started gaining weight again. I started feeling crap and was unhappy once again. People around me started pointing out to me that I should loose some weight, do some exercising go on a diet... All their wise words instead of helping only made me feel worse. I took some time out, rethought what I want from life and went back to my healthier ways...And lost another 11kgs :) 
How did I loose the weight the second time ? I said goodbye to junk food, I was treating myself to something nice from time to time but after a while I didn't even want the unhealthy foods, they started to taste like crap to me. I fell in love with swimming once again, I would go swimming 2/3 times a week for pure pleasure, weightloss was only a positive side effect of my newly rediscovered passion. 
I'm happy with what I have and who i am now. I'm still hoping to loose 5-7 kgs to fit my dream size 8 but I'm proud of what I achieved so far anyway. It is truly an amazing feeling to put on pants that used to barely zip and discover they're loose on you  ! Being able to go shopping, try on clothes you like and actually LIKE they way they look on you is priceless.
I'm going to put up some 'what I ate' 'workout routine' blogposts to show you my ways of loosing weight step by step.  Lets loose those 7 kgs together ! :** 
If there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to ask ! 
Note: it is very important that you're loosing weight for yourself and yourself only. If you're happy with your curves and its others telling you to loose weight tell them to go f**k themselves (I mean it) everyone is beautiful the way they are as long as they're happy :) 

And some before and most recent after photos. Look, I have knees now ! And my face doesn't look like a medicine ball anymore :') 

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  1. Cant wait for some hints, well done for sharing although its such a great and positive story, you should be really so proud x

  2. oh, wow, I didn't know that you was going through so much.Big hugs and well done. Never thought about your size as well, because you always look beautiful and stylish. Most important is that you are happy and healthy.

    xoxo Ra

  3. Really glad you posted this. It's about time I did the same! It just goes to show how dedication and determination can go along way. I would love to get some healthy eating ideas... so I'm not tempted by junk food! x

  4. Congrats, you look wonderful before and after! xx

  5. You look amazing both before & after! Go you :)

  6. I think you look stunning in both sets of photos but congratulations on the healthy weight loss - hopefully you can inspire me to shift a few pounds!

  7. You look amazing! Can I ask, how long did it take for you to lose the first 12kg?


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