Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 inspired look and wardrobe revolutions.


Hi guys ! 
Hope you're all well :* 
Ever since I downloaded app for my ipad I can't stop myself from browsing through all the Fall 2013 RTW collections and the amounts of inspirations I'm getting from them is crazy. All the fabulous collections I can't afford kinda pushed me to  clean and rearrange my wardrobe as well as look through all my old clothes I'm not wearing anymore and give them a new life by chopping this or that off or stitching things together . The wardrobe rearrangement also made me realise what treasures from previous seasons I have and how fabulous they're going to look this coming season ! 
Fall 2013 collections had not only caused revolution in my wardrobe but in my makeup bag too.
I got rid of all the things I never used and will never use and put all the summery cosmetics aside leaving my makeup bag quite empty but perfectly fall ready. 
All this cleaning and rearanging made me wanna change something about myself too, I felt like over the summer I looked exactly the same everyday. 
And there I was thinking of all the possible changes I could make to my everyday look and bam! I came accross Marc by Marc Jacob's collection and fell in love instantly.
It wasn't the clothes that amazed me but the gorgeous hairstyle and chic yet efortless makeup models wore.
Recreating this look at home turned out to be easier than I tought. All I had to do to achieve this hairstyle was washing, brushing and backombing my hair + forming a little wave and pinning it. 
The makeup wasn't hard to recreate either. Inspired by Cara's photo I perfected my skin, did a very very light brown smokey eyes and lashed on mascara, filled my lips with red lipliner, wine- red lipstick and finished off the look with a bit of lipgloss to make those lips stand out and look more kissable ;) 
Some of you might say that this hairstyle is not really an everyday kinda thing and I will have to agree with you on this one as I wouldn't wear it everyday myself, it might be gorgeous but its too daring as for my standars. Hovewer the makeup is perfect for casual and big occasions so you will definitely see me rocking this look over the next couple of weeks. 
What is your favourite fall look? 

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  1. Hi,

    found your blog via twitter - #bbloggers

    glad i did! new follower

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :)

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  3. Ooh you've inspired me to rework my closet as well! You are ROCKING that beauty look - you look gorgeous! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. You look gorgeous!
    I love your eyes. AH beautiful! :) xx


  5. Love the hair style!


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