Thailand diary and 4ng2 going for gold


Hello my lovelies !
Apologies for lack of post in the past 2 weeks but as you all know I was in Thailand and didn't have access to computer :'( however I promised you to update my Facebook Twitter and Instagram regularly and so I did. 
I was super duper excited to finally come home and blog, I turned my laptop on and what !? The screen cracked and stopped working :'( if this wasn't enough charger to my 2nd laptop is not  working either .... Thank lord for my iPad I got 2 weeks ago, without it I honestly don't know what I would do !
Thailand in one word ? Amazing ! My best summer holidays yet! 
My Bangkok experience wasn't as extreme as guys' from the Hangover but I too ended up with a tattoo ;) I fell in love with the capital of Thailand, everything there seemed to be totally disorganised and chaotic but in a charming way. Those two weeks in Asia have changed my perception of myself and world around me, people over there were so chilled and positive that even managed to spread their positivity on grumpy me. Girls over there, unlike in Europe were so cute and girly, the clothes they wore were utterly feminine, bit flashy at times but they really knew how to pull the flashy looks off. 
Girly outfits were very often completed with strong black eye makeup, I fell in love with this combo and started to wear it myself. 
I will put up some pictures as soon as I bring my laptop back to live. 
After 2 weeks in Thailand I got to spend 1 day in Amsterdam. The difference between Amsterdam and Bangkok was so so big it made me go dizzy for few seconds. Capital of Netherlands was peaceful and calm. Motorbikes so popular in Bangkok were swapped for normal bikes, everyone there appeared to be extremely tall and girls were not girly anymore.
Everyone seemed to wear skinny jeans, top, leather jacket and converse or new balance. With all my love for casual style after colourful and varied Thailand it looked very boring...
I could go on and on about eveything I've experienced in Thailand and Amsterdam but that sure would be quite boring now let photos do the talking !


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  1. Thailand as I remember it...paradise:) delighted that you had a good time. Amsterdam is one of my fave spots as well:) x

  2. Great photos! Thailand looks pretty incredible! I would LOVE to go there some day! x


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