First tattoo: when, where, why, thoughts and regrets


For a really really long time tattoos  were associated with all things bad :  drunken old sailors, prisoners, bad boys, rock stars and junkies. When I was young I was very against tattoos, even my punk parents wouldn't convince me that tattoos are ' ok '. It was only when I grew up and fell in love with  (oh cringe) emo style and screamo bands that I started liking tattoos, and it was when I discovered hipsters with their triangles squares and god knows what tattooed all over their bodies that I fell in love with this form of art and self expression . My love for emo, screamo and hipsters is  DEFINITELY over now but my thing for tattoos is getting stronger everyday and well they're a big thing in fashion now, as I true fashionista I have to follow the trends, no matter how permanent they are ;) 
Getting a tattoo was my no 1 on my bucket list, I thought my 18th birthday will be a good time to get my first baby done. I managed to convince my parents to give me permission to get it done and I did it ! 
Where ?
I got my tattoo done over my stay in Thailand. We came across this amazing studio in Bangkok that did the most beautiful tattoos I've ever seen. They were fully professional, clean and trustworthy, their prices were also very European as for Asia but I was willing to pay more and be safe than pay less and end up with aids. 
Little planet earth 
Where ? 
Just below the right collar bone
Meaning ? 
Reminds me of where I come from, where I am now, where I want to be in the future. Of people who mean the world to me, people who live thousands of miles away from me but still mean everything to me.....And to always look at a bigger picture. 
Regrets ? 
I initially wanted to get the world with ' is my oyster' written underneath it on my ribs but my dad and tattoo guy convinced me to get it in a more visible place where I could embrace it. 
I'm really happy they did because I think it looks nice where it is so its not really a regret.
The only thing I regret is getting it done on very tanned skin. 2 days after getting it done my body got covered in tiny water bubbles and then bits of skin came off so one line is noticeably thinner than the rest of the tattoo.
It wasn't as painful as I thought it will be. Only when he was tattooing on the bone I felt shivers going through my body and wanted to pass out for few seconds, other than that it was fine. On a scale from 1 to 5 I'd say 2. 
That's my tattoo story, if you have any other questions feel free to ask ! :)

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  1. So gorgeous and lovely story behind it too x

  2. I love the simplicity, it is really a gorgeous tattoo.

  3. sexy tattoo. m looking forward to one tattoo. this one is gorgeous:)

  4. awh it's a really lovely tattoo. I'm loving simple tattoo's like this lately! xo

  5. Tats still have negative associations but they have deep positive meaning for various people


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