HD Cara Delevingne inspired eyebrows tutorial.


 I get a lot of questions about my eyebrows so I tought I will do a tutorial on how I do them.
I let my eyebrows grow a little to show you exactly what I'm doing.

Shape of your eyebrows is probably the most important
Make sure that your eyebrow starts above the nostril ( some say it should start above the corner of the nose but I think it looks very unnatural )

The arch should be on the line with your pupil and the edge of your nose.

And the eyebrow should end in a line with the outer corner of your eye and the edge of your nose.

With a cotton bud I apply small bit of brow wax to set the hairs in place and give the brows more shape.

With a slightly angled brush I brush the thick part of the brows upwards.

And trim all the hair that are too long ( I'm making this face because I didn't realise how much those little hairy beast grew since the last time i trimmed them ! )

I pluck all the hair below the eyebrows that shouldn't be there...

...and those tiny annoying hairs above the brows.

Then with a small angled brush ( the smaller and more angular the better, I got this brush from essence, it was less than 3euro but it has to be the best brows brush I ever had!  look for 'gel liner brush' )
and dark brown and NOT SHIMMERY ! eyeshadow...

I outline and then fill in my eyebrows.
Note:  Do not outline the inner corner of your brow to avoid funny, unnatural what I like to call 'chav effect'
Smudge the eyeshadow in the inner corner with the brush you used for brushing the brows.

Here are the finished brows, I love thick eyebrows, I love how the 'frame' the face and make it stand out.

Smart tip
Not all that long ago there was fashion for thin eyebrows...if you plucked the livivng day light out of your eyebrows and now you want them to grow back thick and nice use caster oil every night before you go to sleep.
Simply apply it with an old mascara brush onto the cleansed eyebrows, caster oil with make them grow faster and bit thicker, if you have very light eyebrows they might go bit darker. 

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  1. I've been re evaluating how I do my eyebrows lately so this was a great thing to find today! Going to use some of these tips right now!


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