Serena Vanderwoodsen inspired 60's ponytail tutorial


I have a strong love-hate relationship with Serena, but I'm utterly in love with her style and even her scheming, that can get really annoying at times, can't make me stop from fangirling her! (I'f youre not a gossip girl fan you probably won't know what I'm talking about ;) ) 
I find all her hairtsyles very flattering but the 60's ponytail she's very quite often has to be my favourite.
Here's my attempt at this hairtyle. 
The whole updo shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes, and in my opinion it looks best and messy, 'beach wave' hair so you don't have to put any efforts into straightening or curling your hair, your natural waves will do.

 I start off with brushing my hair and backcombing the top part of my hair.

 I grab the top of my hair and gently twist it, then with a small bobble tight it in a tiny ponytail.
 Then I tight both top and bottom hair together.
 Then cover the bobbel with a strand of hair.

I like to add a hairband to make this hairstyle more edgy.
I love to wear it to school as well as nights out with my friends.
What do you think of this hairtyle? Do tell me if you try it out :)
You know you love me! 
xoxo Margaret

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  1. it really suits you, wish I could wear my hair like that x

  2. Such a nice hairstyle!! =) love it & following!
    BTW, I'm moving to Dublin in a few days! :D

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  4. hi
    Your ponytails looking very nice.To make this type of ponytails is really very easy.Thanks for sharing this post......



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