Instagram diary and rant on abercrombie and fitch scandal


Things I've been up to lately captured in pictures, filtered and uploaded to instagram. 
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If you haven't heard about the abercrombie and fitch scandal here's a brief explanation of what happened :

A&F worn off ages ago and I assume this offensive statement is a desperate scream for attention and their marketing strategy but whoever came up with this idea clearly hasn't tought this through.
Sending a message to customers like me that my fat 10 to 12 uk size a*s is not welcome in their stores is definitely not going to get them more customers. 
I lost all my respect for the brand and their products and have no intention to visit their store ever again, well maybe once... only to squeeze in into some XS shorts, ask staff if they suit me and then buy them and send Mr. M.J. picture of my new purchase with 'Cool Kid' all over it. In your face ! 
I don't want to be mean but M.J. doesn't look like a cool kid to me either ...and I hate to break it to him but if he showed up at one of his stores they would probably kick him out becuse looking at the picture of him above he is the last person to fit the A&F perfect customer citeria...
So yeah abercrombie and fitch, I'd say your website got many more hit since the whole scandal bursted, but is that the fame you wanted ? Don't think so?
What do you think on the whole A&F no size L policy ?
Feel free to share your toughts in the comment box down below!

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  1. I've never heard about this scandal before. Never really followed fashion news. But this is just so wrong. What the hell is that? I feel like they really discriminate people with larger size and assume that none of these larger size are cool kids. This brand makes me sick.

  2. I've been seeing a few things about a&f. it's pretty insane that someone is willing to publicly state these things! I think you made a good point though. Their brand has been fizzling out for years, and this could definitely be a desperate cry for attention. If so, it's backfired 100%. I've seen nothing but anger and disgust in response to these statements.

    On a brighter note, your instagram pics are adorable and I've just followed you.

  3. It's sickening, I've never been a fan of their clothes and I will definitely never shop there in the future (even if I do magically become a size 0!)

  4. Great photos! Amazing blog ;-)

  5. So much for trying to promote the anti size zero thing in the fashion world, sounds like he doesn't care about the anorexia epidemic among young people, very ethical altogther :-/

  6. Their brand has been fizzling out for years, and this how much money did facebook buy instagram for could definitely be a desperate cry for attention. If so, it's backfired 100%.


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