DIY Bow bandeau top


I've been seeing these bow bandeau tops everywhere lately, and because they're absolutely gorgeous I really really wanted one,  I looked them up on ebay and almost fell of a chair when saw the price, 20-50 euro for A TOP! what even is this.
Me a poor student can't really afford a top fo 30euro ( well if it was givenchy... but god not ebay ! ) 
so I had no other choice but go to my DIYer mode and make this !
Pretty isn't it ? :> 

All you need is
 a fabric of your choice
 clasps ( I used bra clasps from my old bra ( + eco points for me)
and safety pins. 

I measured approx 20cm of the fabric, folded it, marked the line with safety pins and cut away the fabric I needed for my top.
Now the worst part, turn the fabric inside out and  sew it together . It will take you seconds if you have a sewing machine, I don't have one so it took me a while to do it, however  I was watching Suburgatory in meanwhile so I turned this into quite an enjoyable experience.

After sewing the fabric together turn it inside out again, make sure the seam is in the middle ( or near at least), fold the sides and secure them and sew on the bra clasps.
( Excuse my non existing sewing skills, I'll work on them )

Tie the top in the very moddle with a good bit of thread. 
Make a bow and sew it onto the very middle on the top ( where the thread is)
Secure the bow on both sides by making small stiches. 

Here's me wearing my new top ! :) 

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  1. Gorgeous top - Great minds think alike i bought my supplies yesterday to make my bandeau

  2. super cute DIY bow top! this is so adorable <3

    Check out my latest inspiration post for the month!

  3. Looks awesome!


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