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Hi guys !
I'm up the walls with school work and revision, don't even have time to rest, not to mention blog !
But since it's Sunday I tought I deserve a break, and nothing entertains me more than blogging ! :)

New York Color is a fairly new brand to me, I only dicovered their products 3 or 4 months ago and fell in love with them right away. The biggest benefit of all their products is the price, the most expensive product in the whole range costs less than 5 euro. 
Here's a review of 5 products I bought and tested for a month.

NYC Individual Eyes- brown eyes. 
I actually LOVE this product. Think it was only 3.99 ( less than 4e anyway) and it includes 4 full size eyeshadows, primer and a highliter. Primer has a really nice, creamy consistency and it really helps the eyeshadows to stay in place. Eyeshadows are very well pigmented and easy to apply and highlighter had a really nice shine to it and unlike other high street highlighters doesn't leave glittery patches on the skin but blends in nicely.

 NYC Cheek Glow blush.
I love the shade . It's easy to apply and looks very nice on my skin, I only wish it was bit more pigmented, I always find it hard to work with lightly pigmented products because I never know when to stop 'layering' the product until I look like a clown. I give it C+.

NYC 405 Blue Rose lipstick
Lipstick is very pigemented, creamy and moisturising however it has a very strong blue undertone that doesn't go with my skin tone, at all, so I think I'll donate it to my friend.
The packaging looks alright but the lipstick doesn't fully hide and it keeps going all over lid and once I didn't close it properly and it went all over my bag ..wah. 

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in 14 Karat Rose
I really really liked this product. I bought it because it reminded me of the eyeshadow from Chanel Resort 2013 show and it does indeed look bit like it . Very well pigmented, easy to apply and stays on for a fairly long time, I give it a strong B.

NYC Fake Eyelashes
I strongly dislike this product. The lashes are very heavy looking and look awful on the eye. 
The glue that's alredy on the eyelashes is very bad, doesn't stick at all and there's no extra glue so you have to buy glue separately. Very dissapointed with this product, wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 

I also did a little everyday makeup tutorial using my favourite NYC products HERE. 

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  1. I always look at their stuff and walk away as the price is just so low, I thought it all may be awful. I'll try the eye palette so :)


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