Summer Lineup

Hello guys :)
Looks like summer finally sprung ! Right now I'm sitting on my balcony with laptop on my lap and giant mug  of  coffee in my hand catching the sun, and oh my, it feels good. I missed this too much ! 
And according to the weather forecast it's going to 20 degreed tomorrow, I'm trembling with excitement. 
I'll finally get to wear short, dresses and my beloved sunglasses. Speaking of sunglasses, think it's time for me to confess something... 'I'm a sunniesaholic' ( and I do need help ) 
Whenever I go to a shop, even if it's only a grocery shop that happens to have a sunglasses stand, I simply cannot fight the urge to try on few pairs and preferably buy one or two. I looked through my collection the other day and after finding lips, heart and even palm tree shaped glasses I can't even remember buying I told myself to cope on a little and instead of buying crappy ones get one pair of raybans or other high end glasses that will both look good with everything and have filters, unlike the ones from grocery stores. As with all my love for sun I want to keep laser eye surgery off my to-do list for at least few more years.
Wish me luck guys, I will need it :)
And for now a picture of all my favourite high street sunnies I simply cannot wait to wear!
You can see yourselves why I couldn't say no to them :)

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  1. godna pozazdroszczenia kolekcja okularów! i same piękne :)

  2. Ohh I definitely need to top up on more sunnies! I'll be off to Primark for more soon haha :)! Could definitely do with borrowing from your collection!

  3. Great selection of sparkling, crazy and extraordinary sunglasses! I need one.