DIY Celine paris t-shirt ( + free pattern to print out)


Celine t-shirt seem to be the new black, new 'it' item every fashionista ought to have, and no wonder why.
White t-shirt goes with everything and the ' Celine paris' logo somehow brought this plain piece of clothing to a totally different, high-end, dimension. 
I wanted one for a really long time but as an unemployed 5th year student  I probably can't even afford a sleve from the real one. The fake ones on ebay look alright but usually the fabric they're made out of is stretchy, shiny and very cheap looking so I didn't really want one of these, and then I tought to myself, sure I can make one myself! And so i did :) 

All you need is:
  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Transfer paper for clothes ( available in DIY and fabric stores) 
  • printer with black ink
  • scissors

All you gotta do is download the design I uploded here ( I flipped it for you already) 

Print it onto the transfer paper. Cut out around the logo and then iron the design onto the t-shirt.
and you're ready to rock the streets in your new fab Celine t-shirt ! :) 

I'll put up the pictures of my t-shirt as soon as I have it done. I need towait for my friend to come over and iron the design on my tee for me, because as a very talented tops burner I might end up with 'burned iron shape PARIS' logo instead of 'celine' :o 

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  1. Now I wished I hadn't bought one (even if it was only Ebay) x

    1. Is it too shitty quality? I wanna do this myself but Im afraid I might fuck it up :P

    2. Hah that's why I got my friend to do all the ironing! I don't trust myself with hot domestic appliances ;) but its very easy to make, you should give it a go! :)

    3. So I just bought everything ... i wanna see a pc of urs!

  2. Great DIY! I came across ur blog googling for such a DIY and totally loving it! I might try this Celine DIY, and of course if I blog about it, I am going to link back to your post!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  3. Love you help :) i'll try to do one just for me.
    Loved your blog, also. I'm a fan now.
    Kisses from Portugal

  4. Did your shirt look professionally done? I am nervous about getting that weird film around the lettering. Can you post a picture of your shirt??

  5. I am wondering if you got that weird film around your lettering? Does it look professionally done? Can you post a picture?

    1. Will do , as soon as I come back from my holidays :)

  6. So excited to try this! Thanks for the downloadable image!

  7. Great blog!! Happy New Year!!
    Can we follow each other on gfc/bloglovin?

    Enter my giveaway here:

  8. Really great stuff! I'm sure I'm gonna make it myself. I ll come back with pictures.
    TO return my part of the share: (even if it's not in can translate page. Really great stuff here for your health!)

  9. What a great idea! Can you help me in "flipping" photos? How did you get it? Is there any program?

    Love, Kathi


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