Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Tutorial


Aloha ma lovelies! 
Apologies for the lack of updtes, after the change of url I lost almost 90% of my readers ... and I tought that maybe it's time to quit blogging and get life for example .... but let's be honest, after 2 years of blogging this is like breathing to me so no, I won't give up. Gaining all those readers I lost because of this tiny stupid change will probably take me another 2 years... but I feel that my passion for blogging is back so watch this space ! :) 

 Do your everyday foundation & countouring routine and fill in and shape your eyebrows.
 Prime your eyelids, apply white shimmery eyeshadow all over the lids and matte brown eyeshadown in the crease. Using a liquid eyeliner, (I'm using my beloved Rimmel Glam'EYES) draw a thick 'cat-eye'  line.
 With a small angled and a tiny bit of black eyeshadow, fill in the gaps between your eyelashes to make them look thicker, and higlihgt the inner corner of the eye. 
Apply a good bit of mascara on top and bottom lashes, light orange-pink to the apples of your cheeks
and fill your lips with deep red lipstick.

Finished Look ! 

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  1. Really suits you! x

  2. love this make up, it's gorgeous on you!:)

  3. very pretty and natural makeup!

  4. you look so amazing! I follow you know! feel free to follow back :) xxx


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