Cork Fashion Week Part 1


Even though Cork is not a huge metropolis and we don't have any expensive boutiques we do have our own fashion week  "clap clap"!   I was never ment to go to any of fashion shows but thanks to Sarah from The Licentiate and many coincidences ( I'm starting to think that I'm one of the luckiest people in the whole universe) I had a pleasure to participate in one of the most wonderful events of CFW. As I said I was never ment to be there so I was not prepared at all. I was wearing my woolen cardi, jeans shirt and old jazz shoes,   thank god I had my camera with me so now I can share with you  photos that I took during and in between shows.  Today I'm giving you Part 1 ie. "people and details" stay in tune for pictures from the runway and backsatge shots ! People who want to take courses in fashion can find information here,

If you saw your pretty face on any of those pictures and you want me to put up a link to your webiste ( or y delete that certain picture :<)  email me at


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  1. Looks like a fab event! xx

  2. great post!!! very nice pictures. Dress from second picture is amazing!!!!

  3. Great Post and Pics!!!



  4. They certainly know how to put a good spread on!

  5. Crazzzy girl!Why You didn't want to go? Thank's God to your friends. It's amazing that something fashion related is happening in Cork.I wish I could be there with You too. Ahhh, well...Don't worry I'm sure You looked GORGEOUS sweetheart.

    xoxo Ra

  6. that's so cool! hope you had a great time ^^
    i can't wait to see part 2!


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