Best Spring 2015 Fashion buys under €100 / £80

Do you want to look fabulous this spring without spending a fortune ? Then you're in the right place !
 I put together an ultimate guide to top street style trends of  spring 2015 which you can shop directly from  my blog! And you know what the best part is ? They're all under €100 / £80 ! 
 Add a book mark to this spring 2015 budget buys page and come back every time you feel like splurging… but not too much ! 
Click on the photo to shop the look xox

Trench coat in spring is every fashionista's essential. And you can't argue with me on this one. 
As you can probably tell I'm very much in favour on the camel coats but the colourful ones are definitely a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. 


Lace up heels are definitely the hottest trend this spring but let's not forgot about the still very on trend strappy sandals or the ultimately feminine stiletto ! My absolute favourites are these Topshop beauties, there an ideal combination of stiletto and lace up. 

And if you prefer something bit more comfortable opt for the super practical espadrilles or girly pumps!

A pair of nicely fitted pants is undoubtedly an all time staple. This spring I'm going back to my beloved super skinny jeans but also adding a bit of an edge to my everyday style with some sport luxe style cigarettes and flares! 
Every one is gone mental for the bodycon dresses and two pieces this spring. Some say it's because of the Kardashian / Jenner sisters who have been proudly emphasising their curves in their very very tight numbers. I won't even try to argue, I would be the happiest girl on the planet if I could rock a dress like that the way they do. And oh to have Kim's butt, Kylie's waist and Kendal's face … 

And last but not least spring 2015 essential accessories ! 

And here it is, my list of best spring 2015 fashion budget buys of the month of March. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, I surely enjoyed writing it! And added a couple of pieces to my basket, whoops. 
Another one coming soon. Stay stylish4  x 


Walking in the rain

Last Friday when we shot this post had to be the loveliest sunniest day of the week, and literally five minutes before we started shooting it started


Life update & instagram diary

My little 3/4 February instagram diary . This month has been super draining. Bad news kept coming my way so both my mental and physical health were suffering. I'm not one of those that can deal with stress in a glamourous manner, I just sit in bed in fuzzy pajamas, stuff my mouth with anyting and everything and think of all the worst possible scenarios. As you can imagine those two weeks killed my body ;/  If I'm not sticking to my healthy eating patterns I gain weight instantly so I'm absolutely terrified to step on the scale ( or go near it even ).  I guess it comes in waves and I really hope this wave  is on it's way out back to the sea. I'm just gonna take a deep breath now and start all over. And hit the gym too to ged rid of my newly gained friends ie 'love handles' and triple chin. I miss feeling good about myself and I'm gonna change that starting from this very moment.
I'll be sharing my 'shred' tips and tricks with you guys so watch this space and lets get fit together!!! 
On a good side I have been chosen by TV3 Xpose for their blogger of the week last Friday ! How exciting ! I was over the moon, and although super nervous having to be on the camera I count that as an amazing experience. It really wouldn't happen without your support guys so massive thank you to each and every one of you . Also a big big kiss to all my new readers brought here from Xpose, I hope you guys will like this space :) 
And here some insta snaps of the month so far. Just search @margareturbanowicz to read the full stories .