On Wednesdays we wear pink


Trying to blog about your personal style when you live in Ireland is such a struggle because of the weather ! I've been praying for an hour of good weather so I could shoot something for this space but it just would't happen so we had to shoot in lashing rain hiding on the steps of an old church. ( Ok I was hiding my poor photographer/ boyfriend had to stand in the rain and takes pictures)


Autumn makeup routine

In Autumn I turn into a really lazy comfort seeking creature who just wants to spend it's whole days in warm bed. As far as I do put a little bit of effort into my outfits I'm just too lazy to care about makeup and I'm keeping it to the essential minimum.
Here are some products I use daily to create my everyday fall look. 


Outside Opera Lane Cork Fashion Week Show


I don't think I will ever forget my first Cork fashion week three years ago.
I really wanted to go but because it was sponsored by WestCoast coller it was over 18s and I couldn't go. That day I luckily bumped into Sarah Waldron of The Licentiate who happened to have a plus one pass and kindly snook me in ( thank you Sarah ! )
Wandering around Triskel Church surrounded by the most perfectly dressed and beautiful people while sipping my first ever glass of chamapgne felt so surreal and I loved it !
I spend most of that night sitting on balcony above the catwalk chatting and sharing blt sandwiches with camera guy from the Fashion TV. I can't exactly remember what he said but I remember him giving me some very inspirational advice that I although I can't remember I promise to follow.


One night in Lusty Beg


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen me posting some snaps of the most heavenly island paradise - Lusty Beg Island resort ! 
Thanks to the great team at Rachel Dalton communications I had a pleasure to overnight in one of the Ireland's most beautiful locations. I was there to lear about marketing and communications but I'll leave the boring parts to myself and give you all the exciting bits.