That 70s


I'm way too excited to share this look I shot with the amazing Ryanse last Thursday !
I sometimes feel like my style is getting really boring but what can you expect when you just wear

Double denim

Just a quick update to ensure you guys I'm still alive . Obsession for double denim still going strong. Studying to my end of the year exams... not so strong but sure :)
I'll be all finished on the 29th so prepare for loads of new exciting stuff on this space xox

How to style - Double Denim

Have you ever had so much work you didn't know what to begin with and suddenly you were finding yourself watching every vine and silly Facebook video on the internet ?
Well that's what's been happening to me the past 3 weeks!
I came home from my today's 1hr gym session ( more about that soon ) and sat my sore everything on the couch and was about to do my sweet sweet nothing all over again when this weird productivity came into me. I'm after cleaning half of my place spotless and cooking proper dinner so now it's time to update this little space.
Today I'm gonna talk about my recent obsession for double denim ! For long long years I didn't even own a pair of normal jeans because 1. I didn't find them comfortable and 2. They weren't really a thing. It was about this time two years ago that I purchased my first pair of jeans to be like the pretty girls on Instagram . I am now a proud owner of 7 pairs of jeans and recently extended my collection by a denim skirt and a denim shirt. I dreaded the thought of wearing them together  in fear I might end up looking like Britney Spears from when she dated Justin Timberlake and they wore those lovely matchy matchy denim outfits * insert gun emoji here* 
It was actually Kylie Jenner's recent double denim outfit that got me like " hmm that actually looks GOOD, I need to look into this trend ! " and then I took to Pinterest and found myself pinning endless amounts of denim outfits to my fashion moodboard. 
I selected couple of my favourites for you guys, and best part you can pin them onto your Pinterest boards just by clicking at the photo. You're welcome xox 


April so far | Instagram & Vlog

Instagram diary of April so far. I've been up to so many exciting things this month. All the High Summer and A/W press preview I had a pleasure to go to were absolutely amazing ( see my vlog

Blossom trees


Hi everyone !
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend ?
Mine is shaping up to be super busy, as per usual but I'm not complaining. I love coming home absolutely wrecked with messy hair and pain in my feet and just jumping into bed super happy with what I've done today. Workaholic all the way! 
I had a lovely morning today meeting up with a fellow blogger Johanna Kiely to have a little catch up over a gorgeous coffee and croissant at the new Cork Coffee Roaster on French Church street. Then we just had a stroll around the Crawford Art Gallery and took some snaps for ours blogs. 
I love discovering new