Wednesday wishlist

Because Wednesdays are for dreaming of things I wish I was wearing ! 
Shirt HERE  |  Pants HERE |  Cape HERE  |  Shoes HERE  |  Bag HERE  |  Bracelet HERE  

Sweater HERE  |  Skirt HERE  |  Heels HERE  |  Bracelet HERE  |  Rings HERE  |  Clutch HERE  





Throwback Thursday

We shot this look with Dan over two months ago I think and I kept forgetting to publish it but today because it's a Thursday I can do this little throwback to my work outfit from two months ago. 
Also a throwback to my old hair that after this morning's session at Staunton Byrne in Douglas looks completely different and finally the way I've always wanted it ! I have to keep this post short as I have to go back to my super exciting economics notes (not) and then run to work but to finish it off nicely ... Have you seen Kim Ks full frontals ?! Holy god why ?! I can't get over how she just sold everything to apparently break the internet. No just no. And Where were her managers at ?! What do you guys think of ther almost nude photoshoot ? I'm personally in shock and it's not a good kind of shock. 
Happy Thursday everyone :* 



How to style Flares / Wide Leg Pants

Its my first Saturday off in about 4 months time so I'm deciding to waste it on lying in bed eating junk :)  and doing some blogging of course too that I finally have few spare hours. 
Today I wanted to talk about my new absolutely favourite trend which is flared/ wide leg pants.
I used to have a strong dislike for anything that is not skiny jeans for a really long time and flares were my number one on the ' I'm never gonna wear' list. Mostly because I was getting them mixed up with the awfully awfull bootcut jeans and the bad memories of 2002 when everyone wore them with belly tops and hoop earrings ( the 2k2 babe starter pack).
It was only very recently that I started falling for this style of pants, mostly because of how amazingly comfortable they are ( and how they don't stop your circulation ) but also how greatly they improve the look of your legs and bum ! You can style them hippie and classy or my absolute favourite minimalistic - where you just throw on a cozy knit on top and style it up with some funky accessories. 
New essential part of your AW wardrobe ? I say yes ! 

All photos sourced from Tumblr

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