Drop the game

Look who's back! Okay I came back like a week ago but didn't really feel like blogging whoops.
Instead of boring you with holiday photos here's an outfit post with what I wore to town yesterday. 
The look ? Bit of a sport vibe *check* monochrome thing going on *check* cool sunnies *check* typical boring outfit, but those are my favourites!
Also look at my tan ! I'm going to embrace it as much as I can before it fades, I feel so much more live with a tan. 
Holidays snaps coming soon xox 


| Ph D. Fogarty |
| Wearing | ZeroUV Sunglasses | Missguided Sweater | DIY Skirt | Boohoo Bag | Converse |


R U Mine

Look who's back ! 
I finally finished my LC yesterday, god I'm so so so happy to be finished with school FOR GOOD . 
To celebrate the end of this quite exhausting journey I'm leaving for Tunisia in few hours! I'll be there for two weeks so again I probably won't be blogging a lot but will be updating my insta Facebook and twitter everyday so follow me on those (links at the bottom of the page) 
I'm leaving you with a casual post with what I wore to a summer festival/ picnic over the weekend. 
Talk soon.
M x 
| Ph D. Fogarty |
| Wearing:  Primark Top Zara Shorts Boohoo Bag Vinatge Cardigan ; Hat |


Instagram diary and LC rant

I hate to neglect this space but for the past couple of days I really had to focus on my studies.
I'm starting my Leaving Cert ( the final highschool exams) tomorrow and I won't get into colege unless I do well in them so you can probably understand why I'm not posting as much. 
I have two and a half weeks of sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, blood, sweat and tears ahead of me but I'll be all free after that, hurrray ! 
Keep you fingers crossed for me guys :*

And some insta snaps with everything I've been up to over the past couple of weeks.
Talk soon ! Love , Margaret x 

1. Oversized shorts kinda day. 2. Sporting them crazy curls! 
3. Dreaming of sun, sand and sea. 4. Loved this pink Zara jacket, it looked so perfect with my outfit. 

 1. Organising my magazines space. 2. Lots of greens on my table.
3. TBT to thailand and elephant friend. 4. At warehouse weekender event with Vogue Williams.
1. Graduation night outfit. 2. Details.
3. Iced mocha and watermelon on a sunny day. 4. With So-sue-me at Oasis blue carpet event.
1. Sushi making session. 2. Oversized shorts kinda day. 
3. Streetstyle inspiration. 4. Doing the Wang pajama thing. 
1. Planning outfits. 2. Love this Missguided sweater !
3. With the fab Latest Lil x 4. Details. 


The new shoe trends ; Mules & Birkenstocks

Less that a month ago I would have been swearing to never go near birkenstocks or mules . I'm very open minded when it comes to shoes, I love shoes in every shape or form but the look of these was a big no no!
Mules remind me of something that models in tacky bikini commercials in the 90s would wear  and birkenstocks are something my fat uncle used to wear to boring family barbeques. 
About two weeks ago my instagram timeline started being flooded with photos of mules and birkenstocks and you know what, I was liking those photos and totally digging how these ugly things were styled!
I'm guessing it's the simplicity and my love for aesthetic things that is attracting me to them so much.
Or it could be the way my favourite bloggers and fashion icons styled them that makes me wanna get a pair  myself  . 
After all I accepted the look of Nike with a classy coat I should accept mules and birkenstocks too!

And you guys, what do you think of these quite controversial shoes ?

All images : Tumblr 
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