Khaki duster and leather pants

My immune system or rather a lack of it is starting to worry me slightly. Caching cold every odd week can't be normal ! This week's one got me good and I swear I haven't felt this ill in a really long time. Bless lemsip and endless amounts of paracetamol for pulling me together.
I'm really excited for today's post I have shot in collaboration with Vanilla boutique Fermoy and Irish Fashaholic. I love how the pictures turned out, I'm also in love with the outfit, I was very slow to

Transitional monochromes

How is this last blogpost of the summer ? No seriously where did my holidays go ? 
Going back to college means that my already irregular blogging will get even more irregular and my

4ngstyle x Coast

I might not seem like a girly girl, always in my ripped jeans and baggy tshirts. The truth is that I'm actually obsessed with all things pink or glittery! When Coast asked me to style a look from their

Boho blouse and ripped jeans

I must be one of the happiest girls on the planet right now. Chilling in the 35-38 degree heat everyday drinking coctails, working on my tan and doing sweet sweet nothing. It is something I was definitely destined for!  But to be fully honest I'm kinda excited to go back home on Saturday, I'm missing my
jeans and sweaters too much, wering bikinis and pretty skirts everyday is actually much more effort than it looks.
The outfit I'm wearing here seems like a perfect combination for the transition between the summer and the winter. Jeans to keep me warm from the freezing cold irish wind but still matched with a summery top because I am really not ready to let go of the warm wethaer. Plus sliders which are after becoming my absolutely favourite pair of shoes mainly because of how comfortable and versatile they are. 
Today I also got loads of images for you. All thanks to the super talented  Bríd O ' Donovan   I was following this lady's work for quite a while and finally found the courage to message her and ask if she'd like to work on something together. I was over the moon when she said yes!! And I'm over the moon with how the images turned out. I'm a master pro at pouting and funny faces so to take a resonably nice shot can be a challenge. 
Brid is such a sweetheart, and oh so so talented! If you need someone to take amazing images for you seriously ring her now . I know I'll be getting her to phtograph my wedding, that probably won't be anytime soon but sure you never know ;)  

Ps, I have joined Periscope and I'm super excited to start broadcasting so follow 4ngstyle for live updates x 

. Ph: Bríd O ' Donovan

Wearing |  H&M Blouse | Primark Jeans and Sliders | Bourjois Lipstick | 


Prague Photo Diary

What is it with Hotel WiFi-s that they never work ?! The struggle of trying to get the tiniest bit of connection is too real,although I'm partially appreciating how I'm cut off the internet and getting to enjoy my holidays to the fullest. If you follow me on instagram you already know that I got to spend couple of days in the  beautiful Prague. The city itself is absolutely stunning but I was tiny bit disappointed with all the tourist attractions as most of the were very poorly organised and a little boring ( or that could be just me being fussy ) I still loved it there though! 
Now I'm even a happier to be back in Poland to spend some time with my family and friends. 
As I'm writing this I'm on the bus from Lodz to Cracow and oh boy to say I'm in a bad shape would be an uderstatement. Last night we payed a visit to a couple of our favoruite pubs one of which had only shots and gherkins on the menu. 
I'll put up more photos as soon as I recover ;)